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Golfs Field Of Dreams


Augusta National Golf


Augusta National Golf

Augusta National Golf Club, located in Augusta, Georgia, is one of the most famous golf clubs in the world. Founded by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts on the site of the former Fruitland (later Fruitlands) Nursery, the course was designed by Jones and Alister MacKenzie and opened for play in January 1930 Since 1934, it has played host to the annual Masters Tournament, one of the four major championships in professional golf, and the only major played each year at the same course. It was the number one ranked course in Golf Digest’s 2009 list of America’s 100 greatest courses and is currently the number ten ranked course on Golfweek Magazine?’?s 2011 list of best classic courses in the United States, in terms of course architecture.


16th hole, Augusta National. 2005 Masters Championship I do not own the rights to this. All credit belongs to CBS Sports and The Augusta National Golf Club.


While Augusta National Golf Club has consistently chosen CBS as its U.S. broadcast partner, it has done so in successive one year contracts. Due to the lack of long term contractual security, as well as the club’s limited dependence on broadcast rights fees (owing to its affluent membership), it is widely held that CBS allows Augusta National greater control over the content of the broadcast, or at least performs some form of self censorship, in order to maintain future rights. The club, however, has insisted it does not make any demands with respect to the content of the broadcast. Despite this, announcers who have been deemed not to have acted with the decorum expected by the club have been removed, notably Jack Whitaker and Gary McCord, and there also tends to be a lack of discussion of any controversy involving Augusta National, such as the 2003 Martha Burk protests.

The Masters Tournament, also known as The Masters or The US Masters, is one of the four major championships in professional golf. Scheduled for the first full week of April, it is the first of the majors to be played each year. Unlike the other major championships, the Masters is held each year at the same location, Augusta National Golf Club, a private golf club in the city of Augusta, Georgia, USA. The Masters was started by Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones. Jones designed Augusta National with course architect Alister MacKenzie. The tournament is an official money event on the PGA Tour, the European Tour, and the Japan Golf Tour. The field of players is smaller than those of the other major championships because it is an invitational event, held by the Augusta National Golf Club.


Augusta National Golf


The tournament has a number of traditions. Since 1949, a green jacket has been awarded to the champion, who must return it to the clubhouse one year after their victory. In most instances, the green jacket is only removed from the club grounds by a first time champion. A golfer who wins the event multiple times uses the same green jacket awarded upon his initial win (unless he needs to be re fitted with a new jacket). The Champions Dinner, inaugurated by Ben Hogan in 1952, is held on the Tuesday before each tournament, and is open only to past champions and certain board members of the Augusta National Golf Club. Beginning in 1963, legendary golfers, usually past champions, have hit an honorary tee shot on the morning of the first round to commence play. These have included Fred McLeod, Jock Hutchinson, Gene Sarazen, Sam Snead, Byron Nelson, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Gary Player. Since 1960, a semi social contest at the par 3 course has been played on Wednesday, the day before the first round.

The credit of starting, ‘The Masters’ tournament, goes to Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones. This major golf tournament is held every year in the same location which is the Augusta National Golf Club, in Georgia, U.S.A. A player who wins ‘The Masters’ is automatically invited to play the other the major golf tournaments (‘The U.S. Open’, ‘The British Open’ and ‘The PGA Championship’) for the next five years. They also earn a lifetime invitation to play ‘The Masters’ and receive a five season membership on the PGA Tour as well as invitations to ‘The Players Championship’ for the next five years. In the year 2006 the prize money for ‘The Masters’ was a whopping 7 million USD.


Augusta National Golf


Located in Augusta, Georgia, Augusta National Golf Club first opened in 1930 In 1934 it hosted its first U.S. Masters golf tournament and has hosted every Masters tournament since. The Masters is the only major championships in men’s professional golf that is played on the same course every year, and it is easy to see why. The course at Augusta was designed by Bobby Jones and Alister MacKenzie, and is one of the crown jewels of the world’s courses. While many of …

Augusta National Golf Course. The course has been lengthened in recent years, and a “rough cut” has been added at the edge of the fairways. According to Phil, “You don’t have to be a big hitter to win here . . . If your short game is sharp, I think you have a chance.” But in fact Phil is looking for long drives.”Length is a factor here I (will) swing the absolute hardest . . .”

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Golf Vacation


Plan A  Golf Vacation


golf vacation

The best golf vacation is going to be the one that doesn’t break the bank. So how do you go about finding it? First, you’ll want to do some research, of course. Look into the hotel rates in the area you’re looking to stay in. Make sure that you know what you get for your money and figure out which type of hotel or resort will suit your vacation budget best. Next, see if you can get more bang for your buck. Since you’re looking for a golf vacation, see if any of your hotel options have courses on site or if they offer any coupons or discounts for you to play at certain courses.

As if all that was not incentive enough, Executive Hire are still offering clients some real deal sweeteners. Firstly there is a golf tours Ireland promotion running under the title of Golf Tours Special Offer, although it started in December 2014, it is still running for a limited amount of time only. This deal allows discerning Irish golf vacations clients the unique opportunity in playing 6 of Irelands leading golf courses while staying at upgraded 5 star accommodation in Limerick Citys Savoy Hotel. Typically those courses are Ballybunion, Trump International Doonbeg, Lahinch, Adare, Old Head, and Tralee. We have written extensively on this magnificent collection of golf courses that together make up an Irish golf vacation of distinction and one sure to last fondly in the memory.

You will never believe what this bear did to my buddies golf ball!  

Vacation time is here! Pack up your clothes. Pack up your shoes. Pack up your toothbrush, toothpaste, and some sunscreen. And, of course, don’t forget to pack the most important thing of all: your golf bag. Welcome to Golf Vacation 10 Let’s take a look at some things to consider when planning the golf vacation of your dreams.

Ocean Canyon Properties’ Millwood Landing Golf and RV Resort, in Ashdown Arkansas. A private resort for RV’ers and non RV’ers, with an 18 hole golf course, restaurant and bar, lakeside rustic…


The handicapper and the hack, the nature lover and the golf addict have a choice of golfing options that is hard to beat. The golf courses in Arizona have different lengths and yardage. There are courses with limited holes and full golf courses. There are old world clubs and modern golf courses, traditional link style courses, desert courses and adobe courses. An interesting way of spending a golf vacation in Arizona is to take lessons. Schools and academies that teach golf for improvement or for basic instruction are plenty and can be booked in advance. Most lessons range from twelve to thirty hours. Lunch is included and the problem areas of an experienced golfer are sharpened. Beginners will find themselves off to a good start as the staff in Arizona’s golf academies and schools are trained PGA standard instructors.

But whatever the case no matter how much money you do or don’t have you can find a golf vacation that’s just right for you. If you do happen to have a lot to spend to get away, you would be wise to go where the warm weather beckons golfers from all across the world. How about the southern United States? California? The Virgin Islands? Hawaii? Why, you could see a volcano or three while you tee up on the green.

golf vacation


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  Playing Golf



A golfer whose handicap is zero is called a “scratch golfer.” A golfer whose handicap is approximately 18 is called a “bogey golfer.” It is possible to have a handicap below 0; these are referred to as ‘plus’ handicaps, and at the end of the round, a ‘plus’ handicap golfer must add their handicap to their score. If their handicap is a plus number, like +3, then adding that number to the number of total strokes will actually increase that golfer’s final score. If a player shoots a 69 and has a plus 3 handicap, their final score will be 71

The golfer should consider the body as consisting of three separate and distinct parts, the lower body (from the waist down), the upper body (between the waist and the shoulders), and the shoulders. The shoulders rotate around the upper body (specifically the spine) which acts as the anchor for the shoulders. Common sense tells you that if that anchor (the spine) moves, there’s almost no possibility that the clubface will return to the same position it started from at address. In order for your clubface to return to its position at address you will have to move your spine back into the exact position it was in before it moved. What do you think the probabilities are that you can do that? Since the chances are slim to none that a moved spine can be successfully moved back to its original position, it is imperative that every effort be made to keep the spine stationary during the swing up until impact with the golf ball.



The golf swing is outwardly similar to many other motions involving swinging a tool or playing implement, such as an axe or a baseball bat; however, unlike many of these motions, the result of the swing is highly dependent on several sub motions being properly aligned and timed, to ensure that the club travels up to the ball in line with the desired path, the clubface is in line with the swing path, and the ball impacts the centre or “sweet spot” of the clubface. The ability to do this consistently, across a complete set of clubs with a wide range of shaft lengths and clubface areas, is a key skill for any golfer, and takes a significant effort to achieve.

There are golf tournaments on major network television almost every weekend, start watching for an hour or so and you will see tips on all facets of the game. Of course you will not be able to play like an able bodied person but if you know the result you want youcan enjoy golf in spite of your disability. If you get Golf Channel on cable there are many instruction shows to help you see how to hit the ball. There are also lessons available online or at your local pro shop.

Bubba’s Hover – a project by Bubba Watson and Oakley. Golf carts haven’t changed much over the years. They look and feel the same. What if there was a way to…


Public courses and private golf clubs both offer lessons for novice players. Depending on the region in which you live, there are costs and benefits with either option. At private clubs, you will likely have a golf pro instructing you. This person may have better experience than instructors typically hired by public courses. Of course, you will pay more accordingly. Usually the greens are better maintained in private country clubs, as well.

The majority of professional golfers work as club or teaching professionals (“pros”), and only compete in local competitions. A small elite of professional golfers are “tournament pros” who compete full time on international “tours”. Many club and teaching professionals working in the golf industry start as caddies or with a general interest in the game, finding employment at golf courses and eventually moving on to certifications in their chosen profession. These programs include independent institutions and universities, and those that eventually lead to a Class A golf professional certification. Touring professionals typically start as amateur players, who attain their “pro” status after success in major tournaments that win them either prize money and/or notice from corporate sponsors. Jack Nicklaus, for example, gained widespread notice by finishing second in the 1960 U.S. Open to champion Arnold Palmer, with a 72 hole score of 282 (the best score to date in that tournament by an amateur). He played one more amateur year in 1961, winning that year’s U.S. Amateur Championship, before turning pro in November 1961.

Once you get the hang of the sport, you may never leave your golf clubs at home again. Courses exist all over the world, allowing you to continue golfing while on vacation (or even planning your trip based on the courses that exist at the location!) Regional differences permit you to enjoy the local vegetation, landscape and scenery during your play. Many resorts include golf courses among the amenities offered to guests.

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Golf Plane Swing

 Do You Have A One-Plane Or Two-Plane Swing?


golf swing

The concept of plane confuses some players. It also confuses some players that come to me for golf lessons. Many are unclear about what it is and what its impact is on your golf swing. Whether you understand the concept of plane or not, swinging off plane is never good.


Focusing on two points-spine angle at address and the position of the left arm on the downswing-clears up the confusion about swing plane and explains its effect on your golf swing and your golf handicap.

Several reasons exist for swinging off plane. Picking the club up with your hands or rolling the clubface open during the swing are two. The most common reason for swinging off plane is adopting the wrong spine angle at address.

Spine angle forms the natural axis around which your shoulders should turn at a 90-degree angle. The spine angle you set at address is critical because it decides the shape and plane of your swing. It’s the reason why I focus on adopting the proper spine angle in my golf instruction sessions.

If a player tilts too far over at address, the flatter spine angle causes the shoulders to “tilt” during the swing. As a result, your left arm comes off your chest during your swing, your backswing becomes upright, and your swing plane too steep. Fat shots, deep divots, and pulls and slices are symptoms of a steep plane.

Johnny Miller Golf Swing Fundamentals.


If a player leans too far back at address, the more erect spine angle causes the shoulders to flatten during the swing. As a result, your left arm squeezes too tightly against your chest, your backswing becomes flatter, and your swing plane too shallow. Hitting behind the ball, thin shots, and loss of power are symptoms of a shallow plane.

Keep in mind that a taller player has a naturally steeper swing plane than a shorter person does, and a shorter player has a naturally flatter swing plane than a taller person does.

While your shoulder turn and arm swing are related, a good backswing requires a left arm swing that’s on a slightly higher plane than your shoulders. This arm angle allows your shoulders to have more of a free passage to the ball on the downswing. If your left arm swing is off, you’ll automatically be on the wrong plane with your swing will be off.

Here’s a test I use in my golf lessons to tell if a player is on plane with his/her swing. Take a club, assume your normal posture, and swing to the top. Hold that position for a second. Now, loosen your grip and let the shaft fall.


If the shaft hits you on the top of the right shoulder, your swing is on plane. If it hits you on the head or neck, your swing plane is too steep. Conversely, if it falls behind your back without hitting your body, your swing plane is too shallow.

Employing a simple move at the top of your backswing ensures that you’re taking the right swing plane as you start into the downswing. As you begin your downswing shift your weight onto your left foot while, at the same time, bringing your right elbow back down to your body. Remember to retain the angle of your wrist as you complete this move. It’s the seat of power and the key to maximum distance.

As the weight shifts to the left and the elbow drops down, the club falls automatically into the right slot for the correct swing plane. This movement flattens the swing ever so slightly. It’s the ideal position from which to swing the club down at the ball, delivering the clubhead squarely to the ball.

In essence you’re actually employing two swing planes to hit the ball correctly, one slightly different than the other. The first comes from executing the correct take away. The second from dropping down your right elbow just before the downswing.

That slightly different swing plane is crucial. It runs right through the correct angle of your spine, the natural axis around which your shoulders should turn, enabling you to deliver a clean crisp blow to the ball with a square clubhead and good power. And that’s the goal of all golf instruction on swing plane.

I hope this article clears up the confusion about swing planes. If you work on taking the club back on the right plane and on dropping your right elbow down during your swing, you’ll see results. That, in turn, will help you lower both your individual golf scores and your golf handicap.

Main Question:

At the golf driving range, my ball keeps going to the right. Any advice on my golf swing?

Best Answer: by knh959

Is your ball going straight off to the right or is it arcing off to the right like a banana? Each of the above is caused by a differnt swing flaw. If the ball is going straight off to the right you probably have a good swing plane but are leaving the clubface slightly open at impact. If you’re arcing the ball off to the right you’re probably hitting the ball with an outside to inside swing plane that may also be accompanied by the open club fact. First and foremost you should work on ensuring that you have the proper swing plane. Visualize a clock on the golf ball with 12 o’clock being your target line. A proper swing plane should result in the clubface striking the ball between six and seven o’clock. This will start the ball off on a trajectory that is slightly right of centre. (what you describe in your question) Next, in order to bring the ball back onto your target line you need to create some wrist/forearm roll at impact. Check the position of the toe of the club at the top of your backswing ang again at the top of your follow through. In both cases, the toe should be directly vertical. If you can master this, you’ll hit them long and straight everytime.


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Senior Golfers

 Increase Swing Speed


Senior Golfers

It is widely known that with increased age comes a decrease in flexibility. This is why so many golf fitness programs emphasize stretching and increasing range of motion for senior golfers. It has also been well documented that senior golfers between the ages of 55 and 79 can increase their drive distance and enhance their overall golf performance by engaging in a safe and effective golf conditioning program.

Senior Golfers

According to a recent study evaluating swing speed, senior golfers reaped great benefits by engaging in regular core stabilization exercises. Senior golfers participated in an 8 week study where they engaged in a core stabilization program several times weekly utilizing tools such as foam rollers, mats, stability balls, medicine balls and elastic cables. The end result was an increase in club head speed of over 6 mph. In real terms, this can yield an increase in drive distance of over 17 yards.

For those senior golfers who are interested in improving their length off the tee while increasing their level of fitness, try these core stabilization exercises.

Glute Bridge


This movement is designed to strengthen the glutes as well as improve their firing rate.


Lie down on the floor on your back

Bend your knees and place a ball or folded towel between your  knees

Place your hands at your side and lift your toes off the ground with heels remaining

Engage your abdominals and glutes, then slowly lift your hips off the ground

Don’t let the glutes touch the ground while you perform repetitions

Ball Bridge


Watch as Tom Kite talks about some of the swing changes you may need to make as you get older.


This movement is designed to strengthen the low back muscles and glutes.


Lie down on back with your feet on top of the ball

Point toes towards your shins

Pull shoulder blades back and down

Raise glutes up until you are one line from your shoulders to your feet

Slowly lower your body until hips almost touch the ground, then repeat the lift

Sitting Leg Lift


This movement is designed to activate your hip flexor and thigh muscles while stabilizing your abdominals and spine.


Sit on a Swiss Ball with your feet shoulder width apart

Rest your hands on each side of the ball

Tighten your abdominal muscles and maintain a straight spine

Begin by lifting one leg at a time a few inches off the floor

Alternate between each leg in a marching motion

Try to keep the same spine angle and avoid shifting from side to side

Senior golfers still have what it takes to hit the long ball as long as they continue to compensate for the loses they experience through the aging process. Placing an emphasis on core strength, stabilization and flexibility, will keep senior golfers in the game for years to come.

Main Question:

I am going to buy new golf clubs this year, should I get senior flex?

Best Answer: by Golf 9;n Pix

I think the best thing to do is to get fitted by wherever you’re going to buy the clubs from. They will do this for free if you buy the clubs there and it’s the best way to know that you’re getting what’s right for you. Remember these keys to get a perfect fit (even though you may be at a Dick’s sporting goods)

Get your hands measured: to make sure that you are using the right size grips. Nothing worse than feeling like you have a toothpick in your hand. A slightly larger grip or an extra wrap of tape underneath can make the club feel completely different.

Hit a variety of club heads: Each manufacturer has different materials, different processes and different lofts. One 6 iron may not be the same as another. Get the numbers and hit a few to see what feels best.

Get your numbers: Get your swing speed, ball speed, spin rates, shaft length, clubhead lie, and distances all in writing and look them over. One club head with one company’s regular may hit farther and better than another company’s senior shaft. Also, said company’s Regular shaft could be as stiff as another’s Stiff shaft!!

Get the right composition: You may be ok with regular flex if you get graphite shafts in your irons. Graphite has come a long way and you may not necessarily sacrifice accuracy for distance anymore. The graphite will also give you added dampening should you hit the ground or catch one thin and my father can tell you that as he got over 50 he really started to feel those mishits in his joints. He’s 65 now and has used graphite for the last decade with no problems.

Hope this all helps, but seriously, if it’s going to be the last set you ever get, i would take the time to get fitted properly.


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